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The Self(ie) and the other: Portraiture exhibition in Budapest, 16th of January - 8th of February 2020

I am delighted to invite you to the group exhibition “The Self(ie) and the other: Portraiture” at PH21 gallery in Budapest between the 16th of January and the 8th of February 2020, where number 12 of the series Marina and her Self(ies) will be on display.

Marina Clemente is a painter who commissioned me a portrait session. I have chosen to shoot analogue film with my distinctive multiple exposure style to capture the painter and her subjects, who are imaginary characters, vehicles of the painter’s emotional facets, therefore Marina’s Self(ies).

This series belongs to a wider portraiture project I am planning to develop in 2020, with the aim of capturing individuals as creative micro cosmoses, going beyond the layer of the mere physical representation, so overrated nowadays with selfies.

In case you want to confirm your presence at the vernissage (16th of January, 6 - 8 pm, Ráday St. 55, Budapest), please write to

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The prints of the exhibited work will be available for purchase directly from PH21 Gallery:

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To book a portrait session with me, please get in touch directly:

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I hope to see you there and I wish you a great year ahead!


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