Ioana Vrabie - International Fine Art Analogue Multiple Exposures  Photographer - Based in Barcelona

Statement & Bio


I am a nostalgic: through my work I aim to regain the lost feeling of presence, typical of the analogue era, when life was slower paced and even feelings seemed to last longer.

I create images that at a first glance look “wrong” to arrest and induce a state of contemplation in the viewer to help her/him to regain the feeling of presence and calmness, that has become extremely rare in the schizophrenic times we live in. It is also an invitation to explore what lays underneath what we call "reality".

I shoot analogue film multiple exposures only, so I use the same portion of film at least twice to capture more images instead of one. I see the end result only when the film gets developed. Everything happens in the camera and there is no Photoshop manipulation involved.

Fine Art Photography, Analogue Photography, Multiple Exposure, Lightbox, Exhibition, Outside In

I don't care about visual information accuracy - so dear to megapixels -, what matters to me is the atmosphere. For this purpose, I even manipulate the film in the shooting and developing process to accentuate the grain to achieve a more painterly effect.

The inner conflict that I experienced in my personal life, growing up between two opposite realities, the Romanian communist and the Italian capitalist ones and my need for a third reality that synthesizes my conclusions of what is good of each one of the two, translates into my natural instinct of shooting multilayered photographs.

By immortalising the details of the scene that attract my attention I create a condensed experience of finally feeling “at home”, in a reality that does not need retouching.
For me home is where there is time to find and contemplate beauty.

My work has been defined by art critic Lorenzo Belenguer as “romantic conceptualism”: Personal yet Universal concepts wrapped in exquisite beauty.

Fine Art Photography, Analogue Photography, Multiple Exposure, Lightbox, Exhibition, Outside In


Ioana Vrabie is a well travelled international photographer known for shooting mesmeric multiple exposure analogue images that at a first glance look "wrong".
Her images arrest the viewers and invite them to look deeper and deeper into their layers to achieve a state of profound presence typical of the analogue era and break free from the hectic scrolling and sweeping of digital images on portable devices.
Born in Transylvania, Ioana Vrabie grew up in Tuscany, Italy.

Being a mix between two opposite cultures, her original communist one and her new capitalistic one, propelled her to travel extensively and develop an inquisitive approach towards life. She had to search for her own personal truth and identity through questioning what was right and what was wrong since an early age.

She showed an early inclination towards writing, arts and crafts, especially collage and mixed media, winning a few local prizes.

At the age on sixteen her grandfather gifted her with a Zorki 6 (the Eastern European version of Leica II) and her love for photography started.

It was only in her late twenties that she decided, after travelling the world as flight attendant and being exposed to the variety of the World for almost a decade, to study photography at University of Arts London and take her passion to the next level.

She started to work as digital commercial photographer –she was not very happy with the long hours spent on retouching - and at Photofusion, a camera club that kept alive her old love for analogue.

There she received a providential gift from a stranger: a bag full of expired film rolls that she took together with her analogue camera on a long trip to Italy, India and Bali in search of a capturing "a reality that does not need retouching".

During this trip she felt overwhelmed by the beauty of her surroundings and she instinctively started to allow her eyes to wander and her body to move through space, and shoot multiple exposure images, feeling a deep sense of liberation arising from overlapping different perspectives on the same film frame. Her signature style and the series Eyescapes was born.
The inner conflict that she experienced in her personal life transpires into her work: the fact that she lived suspended between two different and overlapped realities is mirrored into her photographs that represent a third reality she’s always been looking for.

After living in Romania, Italy and UK and travelling around the World, she is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.


Graduation in Photography at University of Arts London

It’s Art Call selected artist for group show at DContemporary Gallery in Mayfair, London
Arteles residency programme Silence, Awareness, Existence, Finland
Shortlisted for Bridgeman Studio Award 2019
The Other and the Self(ie) group show: Portraiture at PH21 Gallery, Budapest
Imagination group show at PH21 Gallery, Budapest
Transitions and Displacements group show at Loosenart, Rome
Urban group show Valid World Hall, Barcelona

Selected as highly commended artist by Visual Art Open


The Art of Photography group show, Experimental Center Of Photography Ansel Adams

2020 Chromatic Photography awards: Honorable Mention in Fine Art Photography



Photographic Visions group show at PH21 Gallery, Budapest
Finalist in Passepartout Fine Art Photography Award 2021, Rome, Italy
Identity group show at The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards - People's Choice Award Winner, New York, US

Shortlisted for Siena International Photo Awards 2021, Siena, Italy


Dones Fotógrafes, group show at Visual Korner, Barcelona


Vital Breath, solo exhibition at Visual Korner, Barcelona


VAA International Exhibition - online

The Art of Photography, group show at Valid World Hall, Barcelona

Shortilisted for Visual Art Open - UK


Shape, group show at Kromart


Transitions and Displacements 2019 Catalogue

Chromatic Awards 2020 Book

Passepartout Prize 2020 Catalogue

Dones Fotógrafes 2021 Catalogue
Photographic Visions Winter 2021 Catalogue

Ioana Vrabie's analogue photography represents what I call Romantic Conceptualism. Personal yet Universal concepts wrapped in exquisite beauty”. Lorenzo Belenguer, Art Critic based in London.

Ioana Vrabie's analogue photography represents what I call Romantic Conceptualism. Personal yet Universal concepts wrapped in exquisite beauty”. Lorenzo Belenguer, Art Critic based in London.

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