Ioana Vrabie was born in Transylvania, Romania, and is a naturalized Italian, having moved there when she was eight years old.
Her photography is a manifestation of the calm restlessness of life, as experienced through a heightened sense of awareness. These singularly panoramic phenomena are the result of three overlapping factors: her travels, her spirituality, and her skills.
In the mid-2000s, Ioana enrolled in the University of Arts in London, where she graduated with a bachelors in Photography. Today, she lives between Ibiza, Spain and London, UK, continuing to build what she calls a database of beauty.

She was one of the artists selected by It's Art Call 2016 @ D Contemporary gallery, Mayfair, London.

Portrait by Alexandro Pelaez

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Photograph by Manos Fotiou

Each artwork is the result of the following process:

1. I shoot on a Canon Eos 5 analogue film camera

2. I develop the film

3. I scan the film

4. the digitalised film gets tested and printed on Kodak Duratrans, a semitransparent archival film, water and UV resistant

5. I mount the Duratrans print a hand made LED lightbox equipped with a dimmer and a remote control

Available sizes of lightboxes:
L 152,4 x 104,4 x 6 cm
 M 66,5 x 44,4 x 6,7 cm
S 44,4 x 31,2 x 6,7 cm

The frames are made of natural Oak treated with white wax.

Limited edition of 5 per image in each lightbox size.
The artworks are all identified by a Tagsmart certificate.

Effect in the dark

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